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The world’s first metaverse fitness bike & treadmill that gives your body control of the game. Dive into the metaverse to join the global community, compete in a car race, jump over waves on your jet-ski, ride through beautiful nature & more.

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The world’s first metaverse fitness bike & treadmill that gives your body control of the game. Dive into the metaverse to join the global community, compete in a car race, jump over waves on your jet-ski, ride through beautiful nature & more.

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Metabike & Metarun are the bridge between real fitness & meta­verse activity.

Cardio’s Large Address­able Market.
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There are 500 million users of fitness equipment (indoor bikes & treadmills) globally

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Over 1.4 billion downloads globally of world-class games & content on the Cardio HUB

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Cardio Tech Platform.

The only Move-to-Earn platform that tracks Real Data.

Powered by CARDIO Technology
Cardio Tech Platform
Smart pedal

Cardio’s IoT Bike Pedal

Smart pedal

Cardio HUB Platform

Smart pedal

Cardio’s IoT Treadmill Sensor


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Mia on Metarun
Cardio Tech is compatible with 100 million existing fitness equipment globally.
We are working with manufacturers, distributors, and fitness centers to bring you the future of fitness.


The Future of Fitness.

Earn up to $20 per month in Cardio Points

Swappable for Cardiocoin (CRDC)
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Metaverse Upper Level
Metaverse Level
Metaverse Upper Level

Whether it’s insurance firms offering premium discounts for exercise or employers offering cash-value incentives for adhering to a fitness plan, companies that provide monetary incentive for user-generated health data must be able to rely on its accuracy and validity.

Currently, smartphones and wearables alone are unable to prevent fake workout data from being generated. That’s why some companies can only offer small-cap rewards due to the risk of falsified and inaccurate data.

Cardiocoin is the solution

Real-World Items as NFT & Digital Items.

Branded Metaverse Vehicles / Avatars
Your Fitness Achievements Tokenized
Vouchers, Coupons and Redeemables so Your Metaverse Earnings Are Real

Healthcare for All

The best healthcare is preventive. Your fitness forms the foundation of your future. Get fit with Cardiocoin & finance the future of your fitness today.
CardioHealth Metabike

Hospital & Healthcare

CardioHealth Metabike


CardioHealth Metabike


CardioHealth Metabike

Fitness Apparel

CardioHealth Metabike

Healthy Food

CardioHealth Metabike

Fitness Equipment

CardioHealth Metabike


CardioHealth Metabike

Fitness Center

Cardiohealth Data Collection

Your Cardio Health Journey.

The world’s greatest killer is the silent and unforeseen. More than COVID-19, more than pollution, more than war… it is still preventable cardiovascular disease. Running at your gym or riding your bike even a few times per week drastically reduces likelihood of cardiovascular disease and improves health.

Our mission is to incentivize your cardio health journey, so that you don’t have to break a sweat before you even get to your workout. Whether it’s a rough day at the office, a full day of taking care of the kids, or if you just hate jogging, life doesn’t make it any easier for you to take care of yourself. Let us be the extra push you need to be good to your heart. And hey, why not earn & enjoy while doing it.

Cardio-Fitness Data Collection.

It is no surprise that individuals and companies are focused on learning more about the engine that drives us, the heart. Cardio is more than a verified fitness-reward solution. More than a bridge between real fitness & metaverse activity. Our reliable cardio-fitness data collection infrastructure gives us the ability to start making significant correlations that quantify the user’s fitness & heart’s activities in controlled indoor environments.

This type of data has yet to be collected at scale by any company and is undoubtedly the race for our future.

Cardiocoin is uniquely situated to create the broadest reaching platform through our capacity to attach Cardio-powered IoT sensors to over 100 million existing fitness equipment in use today. This means that we are faster & more flexible than the competition. And most importantly, our system doesn’t force (verified) data generation, it incentivizes it.

Fitness Data

Largest repository of verified fitness data for use in healthcare.

Heart Rate

Measuring heart rate during & for 2 minutes after Cardio workout (snapshot of the heart’s real state).

Predictive Healthcare

Predictive cardiovascular healthcare based on big data.

According to Harvard Health Publishing of Harvard Medical School,

“If you exercise, eat right, and follow other heart-friendly habits, you’re probably less likely to end up in the hospital with a heart problem. And – no surprise here – that translates to far lower health care costs. The average hospital charge for a heart operation or related procedure is about $85,000.”

People with the most cardio-friendly habits reduced healthcare costs by “about $5,000 less per year” and “if all Medicare beneficiaries followed 5 of the 7 key heart-healthy habits to reduce cardiovascular disease, it would save more than $41 billion a year in Medicare costs.”

The study goes on to say that “Being active has the added advantage of helping you address 4 more of the 7 habits : losing weight, reducing blood sugar, managing blood pressure, and controlling cholesterol levels.”

Source: Harvard Health Publishing Article

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Traction & Roadmap

2022 Q1

  • $1 million Seed Equity Round closed from Korean venture capital, corporate & strategic investors.
  • Installed Metarun in 20 gyms with 2,500 MAU; verified 42,035 Km of distance exercised through 24,958 workouts over 7,168 hours & rewarded around $10,000 USD worth.
  • Finished development of Metabike & Cardio HUB.
  • Signed contract with Korea’s largest ODM fitness equipment manufacturer & distributor Kaesun Sports.
  • Finished pilot program with City of Incheon’s regional digital currency.
  • Technology patents registered in US, UK, KR & CH.

2022 Q2

  • Successful Initial Listing for CRDC/USDT on MEXC Global exchange to broaden Cardiocoin’s global reach.
  • Complete initial production setup for Metabike.
  • Metabike integration with Roblox.
  • Complete development & release of Cardio App 2.0.
  • Metabike pre-orders for the Korean market.
  • Additional funding raise from venture & strategic investors.

2022 Q3

  • Integration into Sandbox for global metaverse fitness.
  • Over 50 games, metaverse & fitness content integrated on Cardio HUB for Metabike & Metarun.
  • On board healthcare & fitness companies into the Cardioverse ecosystem.
  • National expansion of Metarun for Korean market.

2022 Q4

  • Silicon Valley spearhead for global expansion efforts.
  • dApp development for Move-to-Earn CRDC swap.
  • Series A funding round for Cardio Healthcare.
  • Technology stack upgrade.
  • Increased integration across global platforms with broadest reach.
  • Begin global distribution & more.


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Cardiocoin DNA

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Daniel Park

Daniel Park, CEO

Daniel is a serial entrepreneur with an exit already in the VR fitness tech space. He began his career as a National Researcher at The Korean Institute of Machinery & Materials after receiving recognition for his patents while studying chemical engineering at Sogang University. He has experience managing a KR-US accelerator and specializes in IoT, healthcare, and VR/AR. He oversees the company as Founder & CEO of Cardio Health.

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Michael Lee

Michael Jee, COO

Michael brings his finance & tech experience from San Francisco where he worked in sell-side M&A advisory, oversaw investment diligence & supported on secondary transactions. He led Asia business development & started the accelerator business at The Vault, a Silicon Valley venture investment firm which he expanded into Korea in 2017 as Founder & CEO of The Vault Korea. Michael graduated from UC Berkeley and wears many hats as Co-Founder & COO of Cardio Health.

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Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith, Director

Kevin brings his expertise in corporate law, global finance & venture capital as a former lawyer at Wall Street law firm Davis Polk & Wardwell and director at the world’s largest asset management company, BlackRock.  He has decades of experience in international business in the Americas, Europe & Asia and is the Founder & Chairman of The Vault, a Silicon Valley venture investment firm.  Kevin received his BA from Vanderbilt University, MA from UC Berkeley & JD from Stanford Law School and serves as Director & Head of The Board of Advisors at Cardio Health.

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Grant Kim

Grant Kim, Director

Grant was formerly a US-KR petrochemicals trader & tech entrepreneur before starting his cross-border blockchain venture capital firm Tristar, where he has invested in & supported world-class blockchain companies & exchanges.  He is an early LP in BitMEX-backed Cadenza Fund and a primary investor in The Vault.  He graduated from UCLA and brings his global experience to Cardio Health as Director & Head of Blockchain.

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Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee, Board of Advisors

Kevin Lee hails from an engineering background with a PhD from MIT & BS from UC Berkeley. He started his career at Intel and McKinsey & Company and moved into investment management as Korea Country Manager at Excelsior Capital Asia. He has since teamed up with world-renowned founder & investor Peter Thiel to start Crescendo Equity Partners, a +$1.7 billion Asia-focused private equity fund. Kevin is a senior member of the board of advisors at Cardio Health as early-investor & senior advisor.

McKinsey & Company
Excelsior Capital Asia

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